Investment Management

Compensation is based upon how your portfolio performs.  The investment transactions do not pay commissions.

There are no restrictions or list of products selected by an employer such as a brokerage firm, bank company, or insurance company.
Our investment management services are entirely fee-based.

Customized Financial Planning

Preparing a personalized financial plan is a separate one-time flat fee. The fee is based on the scope and complexity of the financial engagement.  This fee and the scope of the assignment are agreed to in writing before the engagement begins.   Once someone becomes a client of the firm,  subsequent financial planning advice is provided for no additional fee and is considered a service to clients as part of the investment management fee.


Please call us at 212-286-1372 or email us to receive a copy of our investment management fee schedule. Please call to discuss your financial planning objectives or your need to understand your finances when negotiating a marital divorce or separation.