Divorce Financial Planning

It's been said that divorce is part legal, part emotional, and part financial.  Unfortunately, the financial part isn't fully recognized until after the divorce which is when reality truly sets in.

Having a complete understanding of what is considered to be martial property and the value of that property is critical to the negotiating process.  Once the marital property is identified and properly valued, it can be divided.  The goal is to have the property divided in a fair and equitable way.   This division includes not only tangible property but intangible as well such as pensions, investment accounts, and retirement accounts.  

Settlement proposals need to analyzed to determine the tax ramifications and the long-term financial well-being of both parties.  In addition, alimony or spousal maintenance and child support payments need to be properly calculated and determined during the negotiations.

As a CDFA™(Certified Divorce Financial Analyst), Lauren Prince will help you understand the financial implications of divorce.  Using graphs and spreadsheets to let the numbers do the talking,  Lauren helps to ensure that the all-important financial aspect of divorce is not minimized or allowed to delay the divorcing process.  Lauren can work with an individual or a couple and with the attorney or mediator. 

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